Values and Mission


Professional skills, ethics, dedication to work, the spirit of collaboration and focus on innovation are the values that MALESCI has built over the years and thanks to which it has become one of the leading companies in the Italian pharmaceutical landscape.

MALESCI rewards merit and teamwork, promoting respect and sharing at all levels.

With more than 280 employees, MALESCI is made up of all-Italian talent and professionals who work daily to guarantee high standards of therapeutic solutions to patients.

Malesci focuses a great deal of attention on forming its network of scientific representatives to guarantee high standards for preparation and professionalism.


Our Mission is to combine our commitment to achieving results in scientific research and in spreading awareness of diseases and drugs through continuous dialogue with the medical profession.

Malesci listens and looks at market changes, always adopting ethical behavior in full compliance with the rules and regulations, and is always inspired by a strong principle of social responsibility.

Social responsibility towards patients is expressed through a continuous commitment to guarantee the reliability of our drugs, adopting high standards of quality and production safety, as well as through a careful and constant monitoring of any adverse effects or any other problem related to use of medicines that are the basis of our Pharmacovigilance policy.

Social responsibility when it comes to the environment as well: Malesci has been working together with LifeGate for years to sponsor scientific conferences at Impatto Zero (Zero Impact), the first Italian project aimed at reducing CO2 emissions into the environment. At every congress that we organise we calculate the environmental impact in terms of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions produced. This impact is then compensated with the creation, reforestation and protection of new forests, in Italy and around the world. Malesci, allowed for the reforestation of 15,772 square meters in Costa Rica and 11,144 square meters in Madagascar, some of the most biodiverse areas in the world, and for the reabsorption of 82,735 kg of CO2.


Malesci wants to be the ideal partner for the doctor and the patient.

The company is looking to the future by putting its technical skills and its economic and human resources into action to respond to the growing health needs of our country.